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We are on the road full time, living out of our Airstream. Rachael (Mom) is a Neonatal ICU Travel nurse and we are in a new location every 3 months. Follow our adventures as we travel the country, meeting new people and exploring the unknown.

The original Little Zen Monkey™ in action.

The experience of Ellie’s videos going viral exposed our family to thousands of people from around the world. We’ve met people who are motivated and excited to see an active and engaged family. We have been pursuing the climbing lifestyle for years and are now sharing that experience with our daughter. The popularity of her climbing videos as a baby has inspired us to start this journey. One where we can share our passions with others and encourage healthy and active lifestyles.

In The Media:

Ellie climbing on The Ellen Show (September 2015):

Playing on the bed from The Ellen Show (September 2015):

Family interview with NAZ Today (September 2015):

Rachael talks about fitness throughout her pregnancy (July 2015):

Rachael talks about Our Little Zen Monkey on iloooveclimbing (July 2015):

Ellie on CNN:

Rachael’s Q&A article in Outdoor Minded Mag (2012):

Zak’s interview with Flagstaff Business News on Bootcamp for New Dads (2015):

Ellie on Todays Favourite Human (June  2015):!Skys-the-limit/cim3/558c6cda0cf20d45521e0f51

Local News Coverage after Rachael took 1st Place at The Teva Mountain Games (June 2007):

Local article on Rachael, climbing and the early years (May 2003):

Local article on Zak, climbing and the early years (July 2001):

Local articles where Zak took first at The Teva Games a few years in a row (2003 and 2004):

Local article, Zak preparing for youth nationals (1999):

International Coverage on Ellie’s day of birth in Loop!Astrologie. (2015):

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