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Ellie has adventured deep into canyons, swam in more rivers and lakes than swimming pools and summited some magnificent mountains. If there’s one thing that assisted us with getting her into the back country it was the Kid Comfort Air by Deuter.

Here’s why we love it:

First of all, it’s light (2800g) and comfortable. I’m personally all about minimalism and this pack has everything you need for a day trip without going overboard. 2800g weighs less than an average newborn baby which can be a huge asset when it comes to kid carriers. I personally believe that the lightest products on the market are not always the best products. Sometimes it takes a little more to make a high quality product that fits well. With the Kid Comfort Air, Deuter finds the perfect balance with a product that is light, functional and comfortable.

Second, it has add-ons. If it’s raining or snowing, I can add the rain cover which provides additional protection from the elements and warmth. If it’s blazing hot, I can add the sunroof. If it’s none of the above and the weather is nearly perfect, I can just use the pack in its simplistic form.

This pack is JPMA certified. When it comes to kid carriers, that’s not an easy certification to obtain. Nevertheless, Deuter has done their part to comply with JPMA standards and create the safest pack possible for our children.

Additionally, it breaths. It has a built-in Aircomfort Ventilation System and is an essential piece of comfort for long days on the trail.

It has features that were tested, perfected and established. The “kickstand” makes setting the pack down a breeze. The pocket on the hip belt allows for easy access to important items like the car keys. The grab handles on the top of the pack allow for fast transport on the ground and the mesh pockets up top allow for snacks and a small water bottle that the kiddo can reach on-the-go.

The pack collapses in on itself which makes it convenient for storage. The sleek and low-profile design allows it to easily fit in most places.

Lastly, the side of the pack unclips and allows the older child to enter into the pack by themselves. Ellie loved unclipping “the door” and climbing into the pack on her own. From there we would buckle her into the five-point safety harness and toss her up on our backs to hit the trail.

If you’re looking for more details and specs, click here.