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Phelps Lake is a quick day hike in Teton National Park. The lake is magnificent and is nestled at the base of the surrounding mountains. We parked at the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve which is located inside the park. The Preserve had a beautiful building that was dedicated towards park education and wildlife. We spent some time there teaching Ellie about her surrounding environment and the various animals you can find in the wild.


A map of the hike and surrounding area.


Looking up at the Tetons.


Learning in the discovery center.


This activity was provided to assist visitors in finding ways to appreciate their surroundings, maximize their gratitude and connect deeper with nature.

The trail took us along the river, past a waterfall and up to the lake. We spent the day swimming on the beach and jumping in the water.



After a little hesitation, I (Rachael) jumped in as well.


Ellie enjoyed playing on the rocks at shore and wading in and out of the water.


Crystal clear water on shore.

Throughout the day, we saw a moose, a black bear and two bald eagles.



The black bear was eating at the base of a tree. The moose was just across the river and the eagles soared up in the sky.



Ellie also took the opportunity to complete her first Jr. Ranger program and earned her Teton National Park badge. She spent the day learning about nature, how to keep the wild animals safe and how to follow proper trail etiquette.


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Ellie wrapped up the day by digging in the dirt at camp and our family finally sat around the campfire as the evening came to a close.