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This was my first time surfing. The lessons were at Kauai Surf School on Poipu beach in Hawaii. Poipu beach is on the southern shores of Kauai and offers dreamy golden sand beaches with perfect waves for learning. The instructors at Kauai Surf School were friendly, laid-back and encouraging. I highly recommend lessons with their company. I jumped in at a “group” rate with about four other people and I still felt like I got plenty of 1:1 instruction.



Learning the basics on land before hitting the water.











I’ve wanted to try surfing for a number of years now but the opportunity never arose until this trip. I’m not exactly sure why it appealed to me but I think it included a mix of wanting to try something new and challenging while also embracing a water sport. I’m a land creature and I thought that adding in the element of water with physical activity would expand my horizons.




I loved it. Paddling out to the ocean was a beastly workout. I was getting tan, hanging out with awesome people and honing my balance skills. At first I tried balancing on the board as if I were on a slackline. Time and time again the instructor would correct me and finally I adjusted my stance, found my balance that was unique to surfing and rode a few waves to shore.









I fell far more than I expected!







As an after thought, I struggle with motion sickness in the water. I was miserable after about an hour of bobbing up and down on my board. The intense sun and sand didn’t help the situation but I was having loads of fun and mostly ignored the discomfort. That said, I nearly fed the fish a time or two. I remember laying on my board in the water with my face smooshed into the hot polyurethane while the sun beat down on my body. The instructor asked if I was okay and recommended I take some sort of antiemetic the next time I hit the water. Aside from that, it was a blast and I’ll defiantly be back for more.




Mahalo Kauai for an amazing time!