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Deuter is a fantastic backpack company that was founded in Germany in 1898 and we’re proud to wear their high quality packs. Ellie’s Kid Comfort Air has taken her to amazing summits, the depths of beautiful canyons and throughout remote wilderness areas that would have otherwise been extremely difficult to access at her age. The Kid Comfort Air is her sanctuary where she gets to kick back, relax and snack on some veggies as she breaths in fresh mountain air and look out at the beautiful views. One day she’ll realize how hard mum and dad work to haul her down the trails but for now we know that her tiny muscles appreciate the lift.

This past weekend, we had the privilege of spending time in Rocky Mountain National Park and gathering with our fellow Deuter Ambassadors. The snow favored our trip and fell from the moment we arrived to the moment we left. It was absolutely stunning to be surrounded in a three-day-long snowstorm with the tranquility of the mountains towering all around us. We were nestled into a cozy cabin and spent the daylight hours out on the mountain where we’d pack up the gear and do various hikes within the area. A few of the professionals would whip out their backcountry skis, some of us went out for a mountain run, some built a snowman on the cabin patio and others gathered for a slacklining session in the fresh fallen snow.

I love community living. The kids would run throughout the cabin and entertain themselves while the adults would gather around and cook one large meal for the hungry tribe. We had two fridges, two stoves tops and so many hands to wash the dishes that they were cleaned and put away in record time. The fireplace would warm the main room and people would sink into the big leather couches as we all gathered after meals to share stories and smiles. Inspiration and new ideas for future adventures would blossom and we’d all go to bed excited for another day in the mountains.

Here are a few of my favorites from the trip: