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We just spent our first night in the airstream. We had been playing up in Rocky Mountain National Park this past weekend and as we drove away from the warm and cozy cabin, the suspense of what our first night in the airstream would be like started to set in. Although we dropped down in elevation, we were still getting pounded on with snow and it was cold as we set up “camp” at the base of the mountains. Our first hurdle was the thermostat but after fiddling around with it the heater that runs on both electricity and propane kicked in and we were relieved to have the warmth. From there it was smooth sailing. We unpacked from our trip, cooked up some dinner, read a few bedtime stories to Ellie and slept well.

I’m excited to give you a little tour and share some photos of the interior. Most of these photos were taken in Phoenix Arizona where we bought the Airstream last week… so when you see beautiful bright flowers out the window, sunshine and palm trees don’t mistakenly book a summer vacation to Boulder, CO just yet.

So first up is the dinning room. When you step into our Airstream, there’s a table to your right with some storage up above. The table seats about four people and there’s a fantastic window that surrounds it. A wireless sound system is embedded in the cabinets above and it connects to speakers all throughout the “house”. We made the storage bins on the left Ellie’s “dresser” and it comfortably holds all of her clothing.



Next to the table is a couch. This couch will eventually turn into Ellie’s bed (she currently sleeps with us) and it will be dedicated as “her space”. She has storage below for her toys and books and there’s another drawer that holds her pillow and blankets. The couch converts into a bed when you remove the back cushions and it’s big enough that any adult would be comfortable sleeping there.





Next up is the kitchen. Now that we’re all moved in, we’ve found that there’s plenty of storage for all of our pots and pans, dish-ware, food and various accessories. We’ve invested in aluminum plates and cups and kept a few glass storage containers. We also invested in a pop up table and packed our camp chairs so that we can eat and cook outside in warmer weather. I’m honestly impressed with how large the fridge and freezer are.










As you leave the kitchen and head down the hallway, you’ll find Zak’s closet, the door to the shower (on the left) and the door to the bathroom (on the right).


The bathroom has enough storage to make us happy and it has a window, a mirror, a small trash can and your standard toilet and sink. The shower is spacious enough to get the essentials accomplished and it includes a built in clothes line where we like to hang dry our towels. Speaking of towels, we traded out our luxurious cotton towels for quick-drying yoga towels by Prana. These towels are compact, effective and efficient. We have three large ones for shower use and a few small hand towels for the kitchen and bathroom.





Moving into the back of the Airstream, you have our twin beds. Zak’s space is on the left and mine is on the right. My closet is located over the foot of my bed and we both have storage cabinets under the beds and over our heads. There’s another scenic window that wraps around the entire room and there’s the handy thermostat on the wall for when we need AC or heat. Zak’s bed has a TV over it for late night movies and the nightstand in the middle allows us to set down drinks and snacks.






On the outside, there’s a large awning that comes out over the Airstream and with that addition we plan to eat, cook and play outside as often as we can. We also plan to add solar panels to the top of the Airstream as this will assist our electricity needs while out boondocking. The storage on the outside is great but limited. It’s more spacious than the pictures show but in many respects we also wish the outside storage was double in size. Despite the limitations, we’ve been able to pack all of our outdoor gear into the spaces below the Airstream as well as our hook-up connections and the tool box.




Needless to say, we’re really excited about this new way of life and thus far it’s been a great start to the adventure!