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Imagine sitting with your feet in the sand. The warmth of the glowing sun that is setting beyond the horizon warms your skin. You close your eyes, breathe in the salty air and listen to the waves crash on the shore in front of you. The waves dance in synchrony as they gently swell up and down throughout the vast ocean. Marvel at how they are always changing.
– – –
Just like the ebb and flow of the ocean waves, our lives are constantly changing too. Sometimes the changes are met with clarity and ease and other times the changes are met with resistance and choppy waters.

My family is embracing a big change this year. We’re leaving everything we’ve built in this tiny mountain town and we’re pursuing a new path; a path that has filled us with excitement and curiosity.

Our home is currently on the market (please buy it) and regardless of whether it sells over the next month; we’ll be gone by the end of April. I have signed on as a travel nurse and will be working in Neonatal ICU’s across the country. The plan is to work three months in one location and take one month off before relocating to a new destination. After spending a few years traveling throughout the United States, we’ll consider a few years of travel nursing in other countries. New Zealand and Australia are currently at the top of our list. During the one-month breaks, we plan to squeeze in some international travel, live at various climbing crags or disappear into the mountains and rent a cabin for an extended period of time. We plan to live this lifestyle for a number of years.

In the end, I plan to settle down into our dream home and work as a Neonatal Flight Nurse, a NICU Nurse Educator or a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. Where our dream home will be is completely unknown. It may be on a tropical island, in the desert or nestled in a magnificent mountain rage. Where our dream home will be is not of concern at this time. They say that home is where the heart is and as long as I have my happy little family of three and we’re enjoying the open roads, I’ll consider the life force around us “home”. My goals are to explore all that our world has to offer. I want to emerge Ellie into a depth of various cultures, teach her about the local plants, animals and geography. I want to find myself in the middle of nature as I soak in its beauty with awe. I want to be running and climbing outside so much that I no longer feel the need to own a membership to the gym. I want to camp more in our first year on the road than I have in the past 28 years of my life. I will be a free bird without any strings tying us down. I am craving raw experiences, tastes and love-filled emotions that will lead me to unforgettable memories. I want to go places so remote that I can jump butt-naked into crystal clear mountain lakes and have not a care in the world or a worry on my mind. I will learn to surf. I will perfect my cooking. I will kick night-shift good-bye forever and begin putting my health first.

Ellie is currently eating off of a cardboard box in our kitchen while she sits cross-legged on the tile floor and stuffs a bite of scrambled eggs in her mouth. She’s smiling, she’s happy and I believe in my heart that she is ready for this adventure.

Our house is currently empty. There are a few nails in the walls where our pictures once hung and the storage unit is packed up with the few items that we decided to save for our future home. We will miss Flagstaff, our friends, summer days in Sedona and this home that we have built slowly over the past decade. We will miss all of these things, yet at this moment in time, we welcome the new changes ahead and look forward to living on the road as free and adventurous birds.

Playing with Ellie