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We jumped in the car this week and headed for the warmer weather in Nevada. First stop was climbing at the Kraft boulders just outside Red Rock Canyon state park. Zak and I climb there nearly every winter. However, we didn’t realize until this trip how kid-friendly it is and that it has plenty of boulders for Ellie to scramble on. We even found a few vertical routes that she was able to climb herself from start to finish. We had a blast running around the basin and we’ve marked it high on our list for a return trip in the near future.

IMG_2692 IMG_2723 IMG_2727 IMG_2733 IMG_2735 IMG_2739

After a day at the Kraft boulders, we headed on an approximate 6-mile hike through beautiful canyon walls with strenuous elevation gain, slot canyons and volcanic lands with mineralized water that seeped out of the cracks in the earth.

IMG_2766 IMG_2775 IMG_2806 IMG_2842 IMG_2894IMG_2866 IMG_2887  IMG_2896

We found amazing features like these in the canyon walls. Absolutely stunning.

Once we arrived at the springs, we took Ellie down to the lower pools that were a more comfortable temperature for her age and we settled in for a swim. There was a 20-foot ladder that sends you further down the canyon to the Colorado River. We took Ellie’s harness, a rope and her helmet with us in anticipation of going down the ladder however, the ladder was rusted over and we bailed on the idea in fear of her hands getting cut on the rusty rungs. Perhaps it will be an adventure for next year when she’s a bit older and can understand the concept of carefully navigating the dangers.

IMG_2911 IMG_2928 IMG_2947 IMG_2958 IMG_2962 IMG_2966 IMG_2983 IMG_2985

Soaking in the hot mineral water was pure tranquility. Zak and I took turns playing with Ellie in the lower pools while the other went up the canyon to the higher pools and soaked in the warmer water for some alone time. Eventually, in fear of the sun setting, we packed it up and began hiking back out of the canyon. We stopped along the way to eat a late lunch and explore the climbing.

IMG_2974 IMG_3004 IMG_3048 IMG_3052 IMG_3070 IMG_3072 A natural “rock slide” to the left. IMG_3079 IMG_3082 IMG_3085 IMG_3093 IMG_3095 IMG_3108 IMG_3113 IMG_3141

Ellie snoozed on the last half of the hike out and we called it a day. A very good day.