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The Joovy Tricycoo – A Little Zen Monkey Review

We first saw the Joovy Tricycoo at the Outdoor Retail show in Salt Lake City. Rachael was still pregnant at the time but, we knew that this item was a MUST. We ordered it as soon as it was on the market. The Tricycoo had all the features we wanted and it came in an assortment of awesome colors. People often stop us on the street and ask us questions about the bike as they emphasize how unique it looks. I too knew it was something special when I first laid eyes on it and over a year later, it has not disappointed me.

At an early age, Ellie was unable to pilot the bike on her own. This however, gave her the feeling that she was peddling and steering it all on her own. Seeing the confidence and pride that she had while learning to steer sold me on this concept even further.

Tricycoo 2Below are the main features that make this one of the best tricycle out there:

1.  Removable Guard Rail: The guard rail on this tricycle allowed us to get Ellie into the bike at an early age. Once she was more confident, we were able to remove the guard rail and she was one step closer to being able to ride on her own.

2. Removable Parent Handle: The steering handle on the back of the Tricycoo allows you to drive from the rear. This feature makes turns the tricycle into a stroller-like apparatus and is convenient for outings on the town. We’ve even taken it into stores and coffee shops. The Tricycoo is easy to maneuver and handles surprisingly well.

3. Two Pedal Modes: Learning how to handle pedals can be a daunting task. The Tricycoo takes care of that by allowing you to switch the pedals on or off. When they are turned off, your child’s feet can just rest on the pedals without movement while you push. If your child can’t reach the peddles, no problem. There is an extra set of foot rests on the bottom of the frame to give smaller children a place to rest their feet if they can’t reach the main pedals yet.

I remain convinced that getting your child an early start with learning how to navigate a bike will help build motor control and self confidence. Your child can learn how pedals and steering works with the Tricycoo as you alter the amount of control they have. It doesn’t take too many times of them cranking on the handle bars to realize what turning 90 degrees really does.

You can pick one of these up from the link below, they are definitely worth the cost and are loads of fun for both you and your child.

Joovy Tricycoo Tricycle