Bend Boulder Bash 2017

Going into this competition I was still wicked sore and recovering from the Game of Stones two days prior but, despite being sore, I was caught up on sleep and I didn’t have to worry about any airport travel which makes a huge difference. I felt like this competition...
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1-25-2017 Here I am. 29 years-old, 36,000 feet above the ground and sitting on an airplane. My three-year-old is back in Portland with my husband. They plan to go to the Children’s Museum today,  hike around Forest Park and maybe browse some books at the famous...
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Hello Bend, OREGON!

  After traveling through epic ice storms and heavy snow, we finally made it over the mountains and into Bend with our 30-foot Airstream. We’ve been told that this is the biggest snowstorm Bend has had since the 1990’s. [gallery columns="2" size="medium"...
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Life on the Road

We’ve been living on the road for about seven months now. We’ve traveled all over the country, visited National Parks, hiked and climbed in new locations and seen an incredible amount of friends and family. One of our main concerns while transitioning to life on the...
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Birthed To Stone

A short article on passing the love of climbing from one generation to the next.  From a deeper perspective, the climbing community taught me how to believe in myself. It gave me the confidence that I needed at a fragile time in my life. I found comfort in the relaxed...
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Little Zen Monkey™ is founded upon three driving principles. Take the time to look at these important questions and determine whether you are following this passion driven philosophy in your own life. It is a philosophy that inspires one to achieve goals, make the most of THIS MOMENT and sink your heart into something that fulfills you while also paving a path of inspiration for our children.

Question #1

What are you putting off right now? Is there something in your life that you intend to accomplish “one day” but frequently dismiss the idea until “a later time” or perhaps “a more convenient time”? People do this too often in their everyday lives. We get caught up in the idea that one day time will be more available or money will be more abundant but the reality is that time and money are not guaranteed. Don’t let your dreams slip through your fingers. I believe the saying goes “You will never be as young as you are today (R.R.).” That quote is suppose to be motivation to launch you into a process of thinking where you feel a new drive to make the most of each moment and not only feel that inspiration but also act on it. If you were told that you would never get another chance to accomplish that dream you are sitting on, what would you do right now to make it happen? Dreams can become a reality when purpose, focus and driven effort is set in the right direction. You have what it takes to be that person you are dreaming of, to accomplish that goal you’ve had on your mind or to create that something you’ve always admired. Believe that you have what it takes, grind through the grit that will try to stop you along the way and be that someone that you love and your children are proud of.

Question #2

What is your child doing right now to pursue something that will foster a life long passion? It is not always easy to understand the things our children are interested in, but take this moment to figure out what your child is doing today that can create a life long passion with something that will keep them actively engaged for the rest of their lives. This can be athletic or intellectual in nature and the possibilities are endless. How can you cultivate that interest they have and assist them in pursing their dreams? There is nothing more important than teaching your child how to build lifelong passions. Don’t ever let them lose their enthusiasm for life, adventure or creativity. Allow the possibilities to fill their minds with excitement and empower them with the thought that they can be that athlete they dream of or that they can achieve that something they have stored away in their imagination. Smile with them, grow with them and invest your time with them so that you can share unforgettable experiences along the way.

Question #3

How do you lead by example and inspire your own children? Right now and every moment forward, your child is looking to you for guidance and inspiration. You might think that the only thing that matters is focusing on your child’s development, but you are mistaken. Your child is watching YOU and if you are not building your own passions right now, they will be aware of this. Inspire your children with your own drive for success. Not success at the office, but success at what fulfills you as an individual. This too can be an intellectual or athletic pursuit. It doesn’t matter what it is just make it authentic because your most valued treasure is watching you. They are looking to you for guidance and inspiration. Be their springboard to success and launch them onto a path that will forever inspire them to love themselves and the adventures life has to offer.


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